On the Fifth Day of Christmas

Happy Twelfth Night! It’s so very awkward that I haven’t finished my twelve days of Christmas…

Five gold things

Sometimes I think that five good things everyday is a good amount of good things, and sometimes I think five good things a week would be a lucky break, and one or maybe two good things a day is enough to keep me smiling.

But then again, sometimes I say that I’m going to write more regularly on my blog, and sometimes I think I’m going to be On Time For Work, so let’s take the things-I-sometimes-think with a pinch of salt, ey?

(On a side note, sometimes, when I wash my hair right before going to work and don’t dry it I walk really swiftly and pretend that the wind is blow drying my hair in a professional manner. Sometimes I put my hat on and pretend that I am sitting under one of those over-the-head hairdryers which seem to be where all the ladies of a certain age hang out in old films. Then when I get to work I look in the mirror and pretend that I am Bridget Jones from that scene in Bridget Jones when she gets out the car and looks like her hair has not been professionally blow dried at all.)

Lots of good things recently, actually. You’ll be pleased to know that I dutifully instagrammed them all for you. Aren’t you lucky?

1. Music

Not very specific I realize.

1.a. My cousin Andy gave me a CD for Christmas of songs which he likes and hopes that I will like. I am never offended when people recommend music, seventy percent of my own ‘music taste’ is in fact Abi’s or Kati’s or Ross’ music taste, which I am fully okay with. I loved the CD, it was just my kind of thing, which is quite impressive, I think. Anyway, it was one of my very favourite Christmas presents and I listen to it constantly.

ROss Rosss

1.b. I was in the car with Ross (above, with tea, and with craziness) and David (of Sub40 fame) on the way back from the pub the other day and Ross turned to me and said; “name one thing you love more than music, and you can’t say a person.” I said “Abi!” and Ross said no, and then I had to think for a long while and eventually said “Books” but really I like both equally as much which is saying something. Music makes me happy and I am looking forward to going to Reading this year hopefully and also to see the Airborne Toxic Event in Camden, in what is sure to be a HipsterFest of never before attained proportions.

2. Funny People on Trains

I get the train a lot. I may have mentioned it. Anyway, my train journey was made blissfully happy today by a series of fortuitous circumstances which led to me sitting opposite a rather talkative couple. And when I say couple, I mean talkative lady and extraordinarily quiet man. During the course of the journey, the lady saw fit to engage in a rant that spanned, quite literally, from Farnham station all the way to when I was forced to bid farewell to the duo at Alton. I was so entertained that I didn’t manage to make notes until quite late in the conversation, so, while I cannot relate to you the full brilliance of this experience, I will pass on a few gems such as
“It’s Cheap as Chickens…
“I knew a lady once who thought she was the best f*ckin’ person in the world. Do you know what she did? She died.
“There’s no point saving up for that house. Even if you had a million pounds, you’d still be fat.”

Which is a lesson I think we can all take away from this delightful train journey.

3. Aquariums

Eeeeeeeee, Big fish, Stripey fish, Little fish, Scary fish, Weird-ass-looking fish and Worm fish. I LOVE THEM ALL.

Ro Bear and I went to the Aquarium and it was amazing. Seriously it took us about two hours to go round looking at all the cool creatures they have down in there.

Aq Aqu Aqua

Actually, London in general was as ever a really great place to hang out. As Samuel Johnson (and, technically, Boswell) famously wrote; “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of Life.” Amen. I mean, come on, first of all it’s London. Rob and I had a really lovely time and went shopping and went to Covent Garden and ate Sushi and sandwiches and Jelly Beans in every flavour, and we got to see the Aquarium and We will Rock You and we stayed in an unspeakably swanky hotel, where I felt constantly afraid that one of the staff members would politely approach me and say “We’ve looked you up! You’re not posh! Leave immediately!” .

4. Friends

I have a lot of crazy ambitions most of which are so silly or banal that I don’t feel the need to share, but, mostly, I just want to be a good friend. (I also want to dance, like, a lot and all the time… but mainly the friend thing)

Fre Free Fren

5. Nice Things

Okay this sounds materialistic. But it’s about the love behind the things, I promise!

Thing Things (1)

A picture I forgot to post of the cushions that I made for my Granny for Christmas (based on the rather Zazzy
Zara; Once and future Queen of Bottle Cottage)

Things (2) Things

The Mirror in our hotel room, decorated with paper planes, and another shout out for my incredible Converses.

Also, this, which I inherited from my Grandmother and will proceed to wear around the house because a) it makes me feel like an exotic princess and b) I have yet to think of another occasion I could wear it… but I will

Kaf Kaftan

Five million gold and happy things to you lovely people ❤

MTG, PV xx