On the Third Day of Christmas…


{Three Semi-Resolutions}

I know I should be on about the seventy second day of Christmas right now, but I’m slow.

Which is why my first resolution this New Year is not to make any resolutions.

Bit of a cop-out? Maybe, but also, I already make enough to-do lists and lists of long term goals and must do today lists, and before the end of the month lists, to last a life time, and I already give myself enough of a hard time when I don’t complete these little things, that goals for a whole year is just stupid. I have no idea where I’m going to be in a years time, and I refuse to spend another New Years Eve anxiously awaiting the deadline of the previous years ill-conceived goals.

My second resolution (I’ve already broken my first resolution, how awkward…) is to read more. Reading is something that I have always enjoyed, and do at every opportunity. Once my exams are over I’ll make sure that I make it a priority.

My third resolution (although, more properly, my second, as the first one will obviously have to be scrapped…) is to do more of the things that I enjoy. Blogging and writing and making things of course, but also sleeping. I enjoy sleeping and I could probably represent my country in some of sleep Olympics, if there was such a thing.


So that’s it. I spent a very happy and eventful New Years with my friends not-doing-Jagerbombs. I hope that all of you spent a very happy new year, wherever you were, and that your resolutions are more successful than mine!