On the Second Day of Christmas…

Two (Hundred) cushions, and a mild case of textile-anxiety-disorder…

This Christmas I decided to save money by hand making presents. I figured that if I couldn’t be generous with my money, I could at least be generous with my care and effort and try and make nice things for people. “I’ll make cushions”, I thought, “I’ll make a few cards, and oh, a quick typography project for Dad” I thought, “It won’t take that long” I thought….

Dear Reader, I have been wrong before and I regret to inform you that once again, I was sadly, wildly, wrong.

Cushions don’t take that long to make, but, really, neither do cakes or origami swans or clothes or candles or anything. Not in the grand scheme of things. The problem arises when you try to make, say, four thousand origami swans in an hour and a half. To be truthful, I did enjoy making them and I was very pleased with how they turned out.

IMG_0033 IMG_0035 IMG_0027

I also made some paper-crafts (I don’t know if paper-crafts is really the right word but it makes me feel terribly arts-and-craftsy) which I may cover in a different blog, but the cushions were my main project this year.

I considered doing a sort of tutorial, but they are very very simple to make and the experimentation can sometimes be half of the fun. Rob received some very charming and very wonky cushions for his birthday, but I think that my recent cushion craze has significantly improved my ability to sew buttonholes, straight lines, and not-over-my-own-fingers.

I was also very very lucky this year to receive some lovely and thoughtful gifts from my friends and family, and Rob handmade some beautiful things, including these studded converse!


I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas, I hope to be back to blogging normally in the New Year, if only to avoid the crushing reality of my impending exams. Expect panic (hopefully witty anecdotal panic, but panic all the same!)