October is the cruellest month

Winter is disagreeable to me.

While most people go into raptures about layers and hot chocolate and mittens and snow, I spend the months from October through February being confused, ill prepared and peeved.

The fact is that up until last Winter I didn’t own a coat. I don’t own sturdy shoes or lots of layers. October is too early for these things, and by the time the bitter cold of November arrives and I am considering finding some warm clothing, it is already December, and thereafter it is too late and there is no point buying anything until next year. I spend the winter months wearing flimsy jackets and thin plimsolls, shivering on station platforms. All of it self inflicted, because I just don’t like cold weather and I refuse to pander to its erratic behaviour.

More writing to come, I promise. I’m going to try and make it weekly, so I’ll upload on Thursday.

Rob came round, found a head torch, and became an explorer.