Blogging about my life has, if anything, made me realise how little there currently is in my life to blog about…

I’m working a very very lot to raise the money to do things that will make my blog much more interesting! But for the moment, not so much. Now, don’t get me wrong, I myself am having a whale of a time. In the least clichéd way possible, I am learning to enjoy the little things in life. But somehow, the fact that Applewood (Smoked cheese flavoured with Paprika) has finally come in at work, or the prospect of pizza, or the fact that I cleaned my mirror today, might not translate into quite such an interesting update, despite the fact that, to me, they are all incredibly exciting events.

What, as I am sure you will agree, is exciting is that I have finally got my Gap year plans sorted. I have put down deposits, booked flights, and sorted out the dates.

The funds are not yet forthcoming, but fifty hours a week says that they will be.

I’ve actually nearly finished applying for University, and that reassures me that my year will be bookended by a secure place on a great course at a University.

But first… until January I will be enjoying the particular delights of work and revision for resits, and then, until March, I will continue working, while, I am sure, exercising a strict policy of denial about the amount of packing and preparation I should be doing.

At the end of March, I will be travelling to Peru with two friends. We will arrive in Cusco, near Machu Picchu, and volunteer at a Youth Outreach programme for two weeks, before trekking the Inca Trail. We will then have a week to ourselves in Cusco before returning home.

In April I will travel to Italy where I will interrail around for a month. We will get to really explore the country, and also have some time to relax (and blog!) and get immersed in the culture (and the wine – very important to immerse oneself in the wine) . No seriously, we’ll be backpacking around and really doing the cultural thing.

Finally, in June, I will fly to Bangkok! We will travel out of Thailand to Vietnam, crossing Cambodia, and then ‘up’ Thailand to Laos, across Laos and back ‘down’ Thailand, to finish once more in Bangkok.

I am incredibly excited, and I’ll keep you posted.