I know, this may be too much excitement, but, I can’t stop.

Reading photos are here and I am chuffed. I can only apologise for what is to come. At least, in this format, you actually don’t have to look at all my photos. You can just pretend you did. Everybody wins 😉

Reading Festival, Reading, England.

Accomodation. 6/10

Tents. Lovely, lovely tents. At least they weren’t in a swamp, and we camped, judiciously, a good distance from the toilets.

We turned up super early and the campsite was deserted… but not for long! I must have pulled out about a million tent pegs by accident while stumbling around that campsite, but we all seemed to have developed a strange homing sense, and just about managed to find our way back, most of the time….


Entertainment. 10/10

I mean, come on!

On Saturday, we tried to watch Greenday, then went back to camp, got smashed, and then watched the Vaccines. Best thing I have EVER seeeen! ❤  I was dancing around like crazy and sitting on my friend’s shoulders

‘Her name is Rio, and she dances on the sand….’

We also saw Screamo Frank Turner, Pure Love, and pretty much all of my favourite bands in the NME tent. It was fricking awesome.

Nutrition. 4/10

I actually ate fantastically well.

There was breakfast… and, lunch… and…


The men went all hunter-gatherer on us, and went to Tesco’s to hunt. They gathered severe quantities of alcohol, and, really, very little else of any use.

Disposable cameras are amazing, and perfect for Reading. I met these lovely people who were rating people for free, just because they wanted to. They let me take their picture, and they gave me a 9! 😉

And then, as if I could forget, this motley crue: ❤

The best of all things.