Some Words

Reading! I am still buzzing. I can literally still feel my ears ringing, and every bone in my body feels bruised. I also have an unexplained cut on my face, and multiple injuries which will never be accounted for. Retrospectively, the whole week is just a blur of music and crowds and tents and people. I just know that it was seriously good.


I got to see the Courteeners, Foster the People and the Maccabees all in a row on the first night of music, which was pretty sweet, they all did amazing 🙂 and everything from Pure Love to Foos on the last night was literally the best thing ever.

I did take a lot of photos that should be up from Saturday 🙂

one of the best things was having days that stretched from 8am to 3am with any amount of drinking, dancing and adventuring in between. I spent a lot of time with some of my very closest friends, I got to listen to the music that makes me feel alive, and I spent five days in the company of seventy five thousand people who love things that I love. I also got to sit on people’s shoulders (normally Henry or Daffy, sometimes a stranger) and jump around to the best bands ever, which is incredible and everybody should do it.


I also spent a lot of time being tired and cold and soaked and hungry, and twice I had to be lifted out of the crowd and over the barrier by the security guards.

But it was worth it.